Summer School

Summer School at Anniston Islamic Center with Professional Teachers

Learn – Improve – Explore - Practice – Enjoy

Summer School is a course which Anniston Islamic Center / IqraMath & Science Academy organize during summer for G1-12 students. the course usually starts in in June and ends in July which takes several weeks and, the dates may vary every year.

Summer School is a great opportunity for students to cover or, understand better the missing topics.

Students Enjoy in Summer School:

Quranic Qaida
Quran Reading program
Quran Memorization
Islamic Faith (Aqeedah)
Focus on Ibadat; (Emphases on Understanding purpose of Etiquette)
Core Values Maarifat and Love of Prophet (PBUH)
Moral Values
  • Cleanliness
  • Obedience
  • Respectfulness
  • Love and tolerance
  • Helping others
  • And many more…

Extra Activities

  • Watching educational cartoon
  • Kahoot
  • Soccer
  • Field Trip
  • Game and more…